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pureness n : being undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material [syn: purity] [ant: impurity]

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  1. The quality of being pure; purity

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This article is about the Aya Ueto single.For other uses of the term, see Pure and Purity.
"Pureness" is Aya Ueto's solo debut single. "Pureness" peaked at #4 selling 46,140 copies its first week but on August 31 2002, it managed to climb to #1 beating Ken Hirai's "Ookina Furudokei" and BoA's "VALENTI" for that day. "Pureness" was the first debut single with no tie-up in 3 years to enter the Top 5. It is also her second best selling single.


  1. Pureness
  2. Breath of My Heart
  4. Pureness (Instrumental)

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